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Handy toolbox-size reference for mechanics, aircraft owners, and pilots. All the information critical to maintaining an aircraft.

Your single source for:

  • Mathematics, conversions, formulas
  • Aircraft nomenclature, controls, system specs
  • Material and tool identifications
  • Hardware sizes and equivalents
  • Inspections, corrosion detection and control
  • Frequently used scales, charts, diagrams, and much more
  • Index included
  • Car


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    Whether you're a vintage car spotter or an armchair petrolhead, strap yourself in for an unforgettable ride through motoring history.

    This sumptuously designed visual guide is packed with everything you could ever want to know about cars through the ages, from the earliest "horseless carriage" to the modern supercar and Formula 1.

    Inside the pages of this visually stunning car encyclopedia, you'll discover an iconic celebration of automotive design and motoring history.

    - Trace the history of the car decade-by-decade in stunning visual detail
    - In-depth profiles highlight the most important cars of each period along with their specifications and special features
    - Includes beautifully photographed "virtual tours" that showcase particularly celebrated cars such as the Ferrari F40 and the Rolls Royce Silver Ghost
    - Tells the story of the people and companies that created sports cars like Porsche and Lamborghini

    Take a trip through decades of automotive history

    See the fastest, biggest, most luxurious, most innovative, and downright sexiest motorized vehicles come to life in the most spectacular way! Packed with stunning photography and featuring more than 2000 cars, Car shows you how the finest cars from every corner of the globe have evolved over the last 130 years.

    Lavishly illustrated feature spreads reveal the stories behind the car world's most famous marques and models, the geniuses who designed them, and the companies and factories who built them. It's the ultimate gift for men or anyone interested in cars, motoring, and motor racing.

    This new edition has been updated to include hybrid and electric cars, as well as the cars of today and tomorrow.

    Want to learn more about machines?

    There's more to discover in this epic series from DK Books! Take an action-packed flight through the history of air travel in Aircraft. Stay on the right track and step off at the most important and incredible rail routes from all over the world in Train.



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    Years before Charles Lindbergh's flight from New York to Paris electrified the nation, a group of daredevil pilots, most of them veterans of the World War I, brought aviation to the masses by competing in the sensational transcontinental air race of 1919. The contest awakened Americans to the practical possibilities of flight, yet despite its significance, it has until now been all but forgotten.

    In The Great Air Race, journalist and amateur pilot John Lancaster finally reclaims this landmark event and the unheralded aviators who competed to be the fastest man in America. His thrilling chronicle opens with the race's impresario, Brigadier General Billy Mitchell, who believed the nation's future was in the skies. Mitchell's contest--critics called it a stunt--was a risky undertaking, given that the DH-4s and Fokkers the contestants flew were almost comically ill-suited for long-distance travel: engines caught fire in flight; crude flight instruments were of little help in clouds and fog; and the brakeless planes were prone to nosing over on landing.

    Yet the aviators possessed an almost inhuman disregard for their own safety, braving blizzards and mechanical failure as they landed in remote cornfields or at the edges of cliffs. Among the most talented were Belvin "The Flying Parson" Maynard, whose dog, Trixie, shared the rear cockpit with his mechanic, and John Donaldson, a war hero who twice escaped German imprisonment. Jockeying reporters made much of their rivalries, and the crowds along the race's route exploded, with everyday Americans eager to catch their first glimpse of airplanes and the mythic "birdmen" who flew them.

    The race was a test of endurance that many pilots didn't finish: some dropped out from sheer exhaustion, while others, betrayed by their engines or their instincts, perished. For all its tragedy, Lancaster argues, the race galvanized the nation to embrace the technology of flight. A thrilling tale of men and their machines, The Great Air Race offers a new origin point for commercial aviation in the United States, even as it greatly expands our pantheon of aviation heroes.
    Pennsylvania Railroad: The Age of Limits, 1917-1933

    Pennsylvania Railroad: The Age of Limits, 1917-1933

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    By 1933, the Pennsylvania Railroad had been in existence for nearly ninety years. During this time, it had grown from a small line, struggling to build west from the state capital in Harrisburg, to the dominant transportation company in the United States. In Volume 2 of The Pennsylvania Railroad, Albert J. Churella continues his history of this giant of American transportation.

    At the beginning of the twentieth century, the Pennsylvania Railroad was the world's largest business corporation and the nation's most important railroad. By 1917, the Pennsylvania Railroad, like the nation itself, was confronting a very different world. The war that had consumed Europe since 1914 was about to engulf the United States. Amid unprecedented demand for transportation, the federal government undertook the management of the railroads, while new labor policies and new regulatory initiatives, coupled with a postwar recession, would challenge the company like never before. Only time would tell whether the years that followed would signal a new beginning for the Pennsylvania Railroad or the beginning of the end.

    The Pennsylvania Railroad: The Age of Limits, 1917-1933, represents an unparalleled look at the history, the personalities, and the technologies of this iconic American company in a period that marked the shift from building an empire to exploring the limits of their power.

    Story of Harley-Davidson: A Tribute to an American Icon

    Story of Harley-Davidson: A Tribute to an American Icon

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    The Story of Harley-Davidson is a compact and dynamic exploration of the legendary motorcycle manufacturer.

    There are few silhouettes on the world's roads as instantly recognizable as that of the Harley-Davidson. The iconic motorcycle brand is synonymous with myth, adventure and excitement, and its story is no different. From a small Milwaukee machine shop at the start of the 20th century to global renown, The Story of Harley-Davidson charts the turbulent history of the most famous and infamous of the motorbike-making heavyweights.

    From the Touring to the Softail, the Chopper to their first electric motorbike the LiveWire, Harley-Davidson's relentless innovation and creativity has ensured its place at the pinnacle of the motorcycle industry for more than a century. Though its ascent has never been plain-sailing, Harley has balanced mechanical reliability and power, with delicate developments and restructurings, protecting the idiosyncrasies that have made the brand as popular worldwide as it is today.

    Combining stunning imagery and astute commentary, The Story of Harley-Davidson follows the illustrious brand through its peaks and troughs, across more than 100 years of revving and stylish cruising.