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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is your store called The Press?

So glad you asked! The essence of the nostalgia of books is the physical ink-on-paper experience. True, e-books are a thing, but sales of e-books have actually plateaued, and as we've confirmed, many people prefer the real, tangible experience of a physical book. John Montgomery, one of the founders of The Press is a former newspaper editor and publisher and the fifth generation of a newspaper family. Inside the press you will find vintage typewriters and other nostalgia from the newspaper trade. You'll also find a clock that used to hang on the wall of Dia Montgomery's great-grandfather's bank in Glasco, Kansas, dating to 1891! It's also a testament to both of our family business roots.

What brought you to Valparaiso?

Son Ben Montgomery came here to attend Valparaiso University, and John and Dia frequently visited him from their home in Kansas City - Go Chiefs! - and fell in love with the community. Ben ended up staying in Valpo to grow his coffee roasting business, which originally started out of a dorm room at VU. Ben encourages everyone to move to Valpo, and one evening the family brainstormed the idea of an independent bookstore - something lacking in Valpo - located downtown with a coffee shop and a wine-sipping experience in the evenings. And so it came to be!

Do you sell used books?

No, not at this time. All new books and gift items. Used books is something we may get into at a later time.

Do you have book clubs?

Yes, let us know if you have an existing book club that would like to meet in our space. Or if you are interested in joining a book club, please follow our website and social media for announcements about new book clubs forming.

Are you hiring?

Not at this time, but feel free to let us know you are interested for when we have future staffing needs.

Is there a place where I can work or study?

Yes! Our concept is as much about the space as the product line. As much as we have space for, we have tables and chairs and places to relax, socialize, work and study. We also have a sidewalk patio open seasonally. WIFI is available.